About Us

Founded in 2011, 3 Spin is a creative solutions enterprise that provides world class digital solutions to improve educational & business processes using smart technology.

We are a young company with operations in United Kingdom, France and India.

We provide end-to-end services within the following verticals; Mobile Technology, E-commerce Solutions, Brand Identity Management, Gaming, Video Motion Graphics and Cloud Computing.

Our Mesh

‘Ideas are unlimited. The Internet is unlimited. And so is the 3 Spin Mesh!’

Everyday skilled, creative and ingenious individuals from around the world work hard to bring 3 Spin to life. We love art, science and all things digital! We consider the Internet as one of the greatest gifts to the human race. This is why we select the most passionate people across the globe to meet our client’s end-to-end solutions.

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Our Idea

People often ask us ‘Why the name 3 Spin?’. The idea is rather simple:

  • Can brands meet their consumers without ruthless advertising?
  • Can organizations go green with smart use of digital technologies?
  • Can we use our time towards creativity and let machines do our work?

Striving to constantly improve our answers with these puzzling questions is what gave birth to 3 Spin. At 3 Spin, we provide solutions that are creative, intelligent and green.