What The Mesh?

If you love what you do for a living and think of work as ‘play’ then come and join the 3 Spin mesh of creatively skilled & connected individuals, proprietors, freelancers and agencies. Work at your time, from anywhere and on own your terms. No salaries, no boundaries. Just be a partner in profit!
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How Does The Mesh Work?

Get fairly paid for what you do and how you do. At the 3 Spin Mesh, every participating member in a given project is a partner in profit. The dynamics of our partnership keeps shifting project to project depending on the hours and skilled involved! The best part is; you get to bid for your work! Depending on the different expertise (content, graphics, development, etc) involved in a project, all mesh members (freelancers/agencies/companies) openly bid for a partnership percentage on sales. This helps us provide the best costings to our clients and gives you the freedom to work on own your own terms.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What field of work do I have to be in?

We are looking for people who love to do what they do! You (or your agency/company) can be in the field of graphics, content, development, digital marketing, sales, design or various other digital services. We have full time projects and freelance jobs for graphic designers, web developers, marketeers, social media editors, sales executives, architects, animators, writers, etc.

 Can I take up other work?

Yes, you can! You’re not restricted to working just for 3 Spin. You also have the choice to participate in any project you like. Ignore bidding for those projects you have no interest in.

 Where do I have to work from?

Since our entire office is on cloud you can pretty much work from anywhere you’d like! All you need is the internet. We also have centralized offices in London, Mumbai & Paris (more coming soon!) for all the collaboration. If you’re not the ‘stay-at-home-and-work’ kind of person, step in to the office to work at super fast internet speeds with our dedicated internet leased line.

 How does the bidding work?

Once you’re a member you will be given member’s access to our mesh portal. All projects are listed on the portal. Bidding works on a percentage basis. You have to bid for a percentage (%) of net sales. You’re awarded the project depending on the creative input, bid value and quality of past projects.

APPLY: How Can I Be a Part Of it?

 STEP 1 : Apply

 STEP 2 : Wait

Wait for 3 Spin to revert back. We try and respond to your entries within 48 hours. Due to the heavy volume of applications we may not be able to revert back to applicants that are not selected.

 STEP 3 : Comply

Comply with 3 Spin Mesh’s Rules & Regulations. This shall be emailed to you.

 STEP 4 : Start Working!

Get Certified. Start Bidding, Start Working!