The avenue of opportunities that gaming can conquer are exponentially growing. Market your products / services through our online games – Place your product within the game for better branding. Build interactivity between your brand, customers and brand aspirants. Draw attention to your brand using viral gaming and connect with your audience. Discover better ways of reaching your target market; It’s time to make them play! We make engaging games that stimulate the customer to deliver your message flawlessly.



Social Games

Social networks are growing stronger everyday – Capitalize on the rising tide of social gaming and re-invent advertising, branding and sales! Instill ‘buzz-worthy’ competition in your community, engage your customer and let him recommend your game to his friends.
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Mobile Games

The mobile phone is fast becoming a man’s best friend. Who better to play with? Easily market your brand to your customers using mobile games. Enable immediate brand recall, monetize using advertisements and boost user engagement.
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Brand Games

Humanize your brand. Online games provide a highly engaging medium for communicating brand messages and in-game product placement. Let the user interact with your brand. Emphasize the utility of your product / service like never before!
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