Social networks are growing stronger everyday – Capitalize on the rising tide of social gaming and re-invent advertising, branding and sales! Instill ‘buzz-worthy’ competition in your community, engage your customer and let him recommend your game to his friends.


Why should I develop a Social Game?

Your customers are addicted!

510 million worldwide people play social games
81 million people play social games at least once a day
On an average people spend 9.5 hours per week on social games


Your customers are spending money on it!

Social gamers spend Rs. 2,12,859 crore on virtual currency
In 2010, players spent Rs. 260 crore to buy virtual goods
Social gamers will spend Rs. 29,910 crore to buy virtual goods in 2013


Better marketing of your products.

Social gamers prefer to receive product information through social gaming
Ad spending on social gaming has increased by 60% since 2009
79% of gamers respond positively to In-Game advertising


How can 3 spin help me develop the best Social Game?

Focus on Interactivity & Engagement

Our social games are hardwired with user interactivity – an aesthetic that engages the user hand in hand with creating maximum buzz on social platforms.


Understanding User Interface (UI)

The user interface must be easy to use, and must yet deliver the most complex of your brand’s messages to the user in the most simplified form. Simplicity in UI makes gameplay addictive!


Guaranteed Brand Recall

Influence the users with an exciting and engaging experience for guaranteed brand recall improvement. Use a personal and social approach to stay on top of his mind.


Viral is Social, Social is Viral

From their very infancy, our social games are designed to create a viral wave on social networks. Get your customers and fans to do the talking for you!



Talk To Us! We’d Love to Help!

At 3 Spin, we provide social gaming solutions to meet your company / brand’s every digital need. One thing you can be sure of: Every solution from the 3 Spin factory is backed by creativity and intelligence!