What is God is Internet is God?

God is Internet, Internet is God is an idea, a perspective and a realization. It takes the user on a trip to understand the true meaning of God by drawing parallels to the only such Godly existence in reality – the Internet.

Why did we start it?

From a traditional and cultural spheres, to one’s own understanding of life’s fundamentals, the mind often ponders over theological theories. Adding to this quest, our passion and belief in the prowess of the Internet. We are religious Internet users, worshipping it’s boons. It gives life to our ideas. hence, we were somewhat spiritually inclined to share this realization with the world.

How did we do it?

We have flaunted our minimalistic design and simple user interface skills in this project. Using world class web development technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3 & J-Query along with seamless user interface, this website sets standards. Simple and effective navigation with the use of the arrow keys, missiles the information across within minutes – a truly incredible mode of delivering a strong message to the user.