3 Spin | Celebrate Creativity: 3D Gardening at it’s best!

3 Spin | Celebrate Creativity: 3D Gardening at it’s best!

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img src – Francois Abenalet

‘Creativity is in the eye of the thinker’

3 Spin celebrates creativity with this eye-catching display of 3D gardening at it’s best!

Highly revered by our creative designers at 3 Spin, here is another gifted artist from around the world – Francois Abenalet. His eye for 3D gardening and photography is impeccable, as can be reinforced by this monumental anamorphosis ephemeral garden courtyard at the Hotel de Ville, in Paris, taking the form of a curious plant anamorphic. With its geometric lines in 3D, this work “Who to Believe?” gives visitors an illusion of relief and extends over 1500 m² – making it a masterpiece of Land Art!

What is an Anamorphosis?
An anamorphosis is a distorted picture that finds its original aspect ratio and makes sense when viewed from a certain angle.

The Message
Not only were we impressed by the beauty of this huge contemporary garden, but we also find ourselves deeply interested with it’s message – it questions the link between nature and city, as well as their sometimes difficult cohabitation. At the intersection of architecture, decoration and Land Art, the work “Who to believe?” illustrates the marriage between urbanism and nature, mineral and vegetable. A fleeting image that evokes the urban and the regular planting of trees along the streets, encouraging us to respect our heritage woodland.

With “Who to believe? “François Abenalet invites the viewer to feel and experience the fundamental place of nature:

“We live in a world where we hear debate environmentalists, scientists, industrialists … I just wanted to pose the problem of tree and invite people to consider the role that tree, nature and the environment for them. I want people to ask the question themselves and feel how the environment is fundamental.”

Magnificent design delivering a flawless message – sounds like 3 Spin!

src – Pariscotejardin

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