3 Spin | Celebrate Creativity: Awesome Graffiti Street Art!

3 Spin – Celebrate Creativity: Awesome Street Art!

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‘Open your mind to creativity – it surrounds you and is within you!’

Today, 3 Spin celebrates creativity with this awesome graffiti by Artist Sam3. It is a fine example of the creativity of a fresh human mind constantly searching for new perceptions and making new realities.

Our Interpretation

This street art depicts the vastness of space with it’s infinite possibilities and, the mark of his artistry is captured, as he merges this inexhaustible resource with our imagination, drawing parallels and linking space discovery with introspection.

It has been widely known that star-gazing and astrology, has been cause of ego-loss and the realization of oneness – this feeling of togetherness and being at harmony with your environment gives one a unique perception of the world and oneself – a message transcended by this magnificent piece of art.

Discovering new perspectives and constantly evolving – sounds like 3 Spin!

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