Our way of giving back to the Internet

At 3 spin, we realize the true worth & power of the Internet. It’s mammoth capacity to satisfy our hunger for knowledge & it’s value to spark change make us ardent lovers of the web. But what’s love without passion? Using the Internet as a solid foundation, we have honed our creative skills to become pioneers of web design & development. Now, it’s time to start giving back!


We love sharing ideas online. So, we developed Internet’s simplest & fastest link shortener! It is a utility based online solution for everyone to use. Make those annoying long links short and share easily using our URL shortener.

A QR Code is a 2-dimensional machine-readable image that can be encoded with information. The Internet taught us how to communicate better, and now we’re trying to do the same! We’ve developed the web’s fastest customizable QR code generator.

Our way of giving back to the society

We are continuously striving to be a socially conscious enterprise. Our ideas envision the welfare of society, by addressing moral, technological and economical issues, to unlock true human potential. But what is an idea without action? At 3 Spin, we believe in a collective consciousness. We do little, but we try our best to contribute in making this world a better place.


We realize the dire need for development & education in rural areas, & how advancements in these sectors can help us evolve into a better society. For every team member we have, there is a corresponding child who’s education is completely sponsored by 3 Spin.

It pinches us to see hunger take a life! We live in a selfish world where obesity and hunger both kill people. By providing bags of grains, vegetables, food oil and other cooking materials to old age homes on a quarterly basis, we do our bit in the fight against hunger.

Our way of giving back to the environment

No words can justify the wonders of Mother Nature and the boon she gives us: Life. Being products of the environment, we feel the need to return the support it’s been providing since eons. The human way of life itself degrades the environment. Still, at 3 Spin, we try to reduce the damage caused by our ways to ensure a brighter sustainable future for coming generations.


We are proud to be a green paperless office! All our business documentation is strictly done digitally to reduce the use of paper. But we don’t stop at that, we profess ‘Go Paperless!’ to all businesses out there and provide them with the software & technology to do so.

This website & every other website we have made is hosted on servers powered by wind energy! Our team members are environmentally conscious ‘freaks’ striving to keep their carbon footprint in check. We re-use waste & garbage creatively to decorate our office’s interiors.