Brand Creation Tips: How to design the perfect visual brand identity?

There are many things to consider before creating the perfect visual brand identity. Here are a list of things one can keep in mind while designing.

  1. Choose your colours wisely. A blue and green logo works best with banking and insurance but not a fast food company. A velvet and maroon logo works best with luxury products and won’t be apt for a toothpaste making company. Different colours give out different vibes. It’s important that you have some knowledge of colour psychology. Once you have selected the basic colours for your pallet, you can always use amazing web services like Colour Lovers to see what people like and and what they don’t.
  2. Your first mock-ups should preferably be on a white or a transparent background.
  3. Design is communication. The best logos designed communicate everything about the business in one look at the business card. Make sure your logos have meaning and are well in line with the company’s beliefs and mission.
  4. Think large. Even when you are working with small businesses, think large. Mentally visualize the logo on TV, billboards, metro stations, etc. This really helps.
  5. If you do not wish to design a font and want something pre-designed, try opting for a web font. Web designers have a real hard time when the brand font isn’t a web friendly font.

We will be posting a lot more ideas and tips on brand creation & design so stay tuned!

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