DID YOU KNOW? Number of mobile devices = World Population by 2015

DID YOU KNOW? Number of mobile devices = World Population by 2015

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‘The world is going mobile!’

DID YOU KNOW? Number of mobile devices = World Population by 2015. This is the tipping point of the rising tide of mobile, a wave that will conquer media, communication and advertising and leave traditional media far behind. There are some that would argue the strength of television, radio, print and outdoor meida due to the sheer appeal to the masses. In fact, these large chunks of numbers are the single defining reason why traditional media still commands massive slices of capital from giant sized companies’ marketing budgets. But this is quickly changing. The tables are turning, and with the phobia of mobile spreading like wild fire, the numbers advantage of traditional media will be lost soon.

Why is mobile inevitably powerful?

The mobile is quickly becoming a human beings best friend. Gone are the days when people used these things to make phone calls – being the greedy users that we are, we now expect almost all our everyday computing to work on our mobile phones – correction, Smartphones. That’s the thing, unlike our TVs, radios and newspapers, our mobile phones are rapidly evolving, getting smarter. The technology is becoming more human – getting finely tuned our behaviorism. Think of this period as the Cambrian explosion of technology, and think of the mobile as algae – becoming the foundation of whole new ecosystem. From mobile advertising and games to applications and utilities, mobile now supports billion dollar industries around the globe. Who knows, with SixthSense technology and cloud computing reaching new milestones, the future of the world might look like ‘Minorty Report’! One thing is for certain though, mobile is a game changer.

Why is mobile important for your business?

With all the aforementioned information, it is no rocket science for any business to realize that mobile is not an option anymore, it is a prerequisite. Every business MUST have a mobile presence. With the number of local searches increasing exponentially, and the credibility of local searches leading to conversions and sales – one cannot question the viability of this medium anymore. It is here, to conquer and stay. Furthermore, it is actually very fruitful for a business to reap the benefits of mobile. Brands can rope in a mobile marketing campaign, eCommerce businesses can improve shopping experience for higher conversions by using mobile optimized websites and establish a new business model of mCommerce, a company can be ever present and at finger’s length from your customer via a mobile application or perhaps increase walk-ins at an offline shop by using mobile store locators – the options are unlimited. What’s important is first movers advantage – go mobile, jump before your competitors do!

Question is – Does your business have a mobile presence?

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