Does your business need mobile marketing?

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The world is going mobile. You can’t avoid it! We have come a long way since the first multi-storey computer. We now carry a powerful personal computer in the form of a smart phone in our pockets everyday!

Although apps are more engaging, building them for each platform (iOS, Android, Windows, BB, etc) could be quite expensive and troublesome. Some businesses need to focus on going mobile in the most cost effective way. ONE responsive mobile website for many browsers makes more sense than building mobile applications across multiple platforms. However, you can always target users with SMS marketing. There are many ways to reach out to your customer on mobile.

As mentioned before in our posts, we love studying data visually. Here’s a great infographic that explains:
1. Mobile websites across the world.
2. Why do you need a mobile website? How can it help you in mobile marketing in the most effective way?
3. Do you really need a mobile application?
4. Why your desktop website is not enough? Best practices on building mobile websites.
5. Other mobile marketing techniques. Not just apps and websites.

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We hope this bit of information helps you make your mobile marketing decisions better. Stay tuned for more – We are going to post about mCommerce (or mobile E-Commerce) and it’s potential soon!

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