Facebook Shops: How to get the perfect Social Commerce solution?

There are many ways to build a Facebook shop to sell your products/service on Facebook. Social commerce is rising faster than ever. One of the advantages, we have realized as marketeers when it comes to Facebook ads, is that cost per click to keep the user within Facebook is much cheaper as compared to leading the traffic on an external site.

We wouldn’t say social ecommerce works with all types on products/services up for sale – but we do spot a huge potential in sale of luxury items, clothing, electronics and general high value fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Here is a beautiful infographic explaining how brands can increase revenue by adding social commerce to their social media marketing strategy:

Image by http://www.moontoast.com/

Update: We have successfully created our first Facebook shop

We have been researching on creating/developing a Facebook shop with a complete checkout system for over a year now. Our project substantially slowed down as Facebook changed it’s developer API a couple of months back. However, our developers quickly adapted themselves to the Facebook developer platform changes. Recently we designed and developed a website for one of our client’s – Achilles Heel (www.achillesheel.co). This is a fully packed E-Commerce website that also has a Facebook E-Commerce application on it’s Facebook page. Using this Facebook shop they can sell their products directly to their Facebook fans without having them come to the website.


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