Food Over Sex – A creative idea on social media & web!

At 3 Spin, we are hungry ALL the time. We love food and every single team member here is twice the average food enthusiast.

Around 7 months ago we conjured up an idea that mixed our two passions – the Internet and food. This is when we decided to create Food Over Sex ( – an online magazine for food lovers around the world to share their recipes and post pictures of what they eat.

The idea was simple but it was backed by a lot of research. We found psychology lectures in which experts mentioned that there were two types of pictures that recorded the highest brain activity – sexual/pornographic pictures and pictures of food. We realized the potential of this study on social media and the web. Another interesting insight was a general observation on social networking sites – people love posting pictures about their food! This observation was backed by this infographic by Flow Town. Click here to check it out

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At present Food Over Sex has more than 600 recipes submitted by users around the world! The web traffic has witnessed a steady growth of 20% month on month. It’s a great place for food lovers and we have some big plans ahead!

The next steps of this idea involve developing an android application and iOS application for our users to upload pictures of what they are eating/cooking with geo-location. Our application developers have been working on a clean UI and a quick loading app. We are very excited about this growing community.

If you are looking at advertising/investing options feel free to contact the Food Over Sex team: [email protected]


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