How to pick the best shipping company for eCommerce?

If you have an eCommerce business, it is important to get the best shipping rates. Don’t forget to spend time studying the various options/proposals your local and international shipping companies are offering you for your eCommerce business.

5 tips on how to pick the best shipping company for eCommerce

1. Calculate the REAL cost of shipping

Even the best shipping company for eCommerce with the most attractive plans have tons of hidden terms and conditions. Shipping companies have various parameters by which they charge their customers such as:
– Product Size
– Product Weight
– Area of Delivery
– Minimum orders per month
– Monthly service plan

2. Shipping Time

It simple.Lesser Shipping time = More Happy customers. Pick a shipping company that delivers fast.

3. Reliability & Safety

You don’t want a shipping company that is known for not handling packages properly or misplacing them. Nothing can irritate an online customer than a broken/msiplaced package. The cheapest may not be the best shipping company for eCommerce.

4. Cash on Delivery facility

Many shipping companies for ecommerce offer added services like cash on delivery for an extra fee.

Want your eCommerce business to be successful? Pick the best shipping company for eCommerce locally and/or internationally!

You will be surprised as to how shipping/delivery rates affects your eCommerce sales and conversions. Many ecarts do not support multiple shipping/delivery rates as per area code. This is feature cannot be ignored. Getting the shipping/delivery rates rights directly results in higher conversions, better cost estimates and ecommerce business growth.
As mentioned before, we love studying data visually. Here’s a really cool infographic to give you an idea of how you can increase ecommerce sales by choosing the right shipping/delivery option!

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