Internet Advertising

We create highly targeted call-to-action internet advertising campaigns ensuring high conversions. Our digital planners strategically place Pay per Click (PPC) & Pay per Impression (CPM) ads guarantying a good return on investment. Internet Advertising has never been this lucrative for businesses!


Why should I advertise online?

Your potential customers are online!

50% of consumers click if the brand appears multiple times on the search page
Around 92% of all business-to-business (b2b) enquiries now start on the Internet
Online advertising will grow to $39.5 billion in 2012


Far better than traditional marketing.

Increase your reach & visibility by catering to a global audience of 200 countries
A cost-effective way to advertise – only pay per click or per impression
Online advertising is highly targeted – serve ads to interested eyes only, increase conversions


Your consumers prefer buying online! Are you advertising on the Internet?

42% of monthly spending now happens online
1 in every $10 will be spent online in 2012
Internet marketing budgets will be 1/3 of total media advertising spend in 2016


How can 3 Spin increase my sales with their internet advertising service?

Highly Targeted Advertisements

Our online advertisers target your audience in the most scientific way. Reach audiences based on age, sex, nationality, language spoken, interests and other consumer preferences.


Low Cost per Click

Our intelligent media buying skills ensure that you get the lowest cost per click for your online advertisements and promotions.


Higher Conversion Ratio

We focus on a high conversion ratio thereby giving you more value for your money. We strategize to direct your users to purchases products reach your ‘Contact’ page.


Greater Return on Investment (ROI)

Even with a low marketing budget, the Internet is a great medium to advertise as opposed to traditional media like TV, print etc. Increase leads and walk-ins with Internet advertisements.



Talk To Us! We’d Love to Help!

At 3 Spin, we provide end-to-end internet advertising solutions to meet your company / brand’s every digital need. One thing you can be sure of: Every solution from the 3 Spin factory is backed by creativity and intelligence!