Understanding mCommerce – (The importance of eCommerce on Mobile)

What is mCommerce?

What if your shop could travel to the smartphones of all your target / potential customers? Sound mCommerce solutions can help you sell your products / services on Smartphones. Simply put – mCommerce is eCommerce on mobile. If you are selling online, you really cannot ignore the ecommerce opportunity on mobile.

There are many ways to reach customers on mobile with electronic commerce. One could have a mobile friendly ecommerce website or dedicated online shopping apps across platforms like iOS, android, windows and blackberry.

What is the potential of mobile ecommerce for business?

Your products and services are possibly being searched on mobile

70% of mobile users have compared product prices on their cell phones
65% have read product reviews on their phones
55% of mobile searches lead to purchase


Apps are fun, but many prefer mobile websites for shopping.

79% of users prefer mobile websites for product reviews
81% of users prefer mobile websites to apps, for searching prices
63% of users prefer mobile websites for purchasing


Customers are connecting with the businesses in their local area on mobile.

95% of smartphones users have searched for local information
61% of users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location
90% of these people act within 24 hours


Here is a detailed infographic with visually comprehensive data on mobile shoppers, mcommerce growth and the future of eCommerce on mobile:

Image by http://www.edigitalresearch.com/

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We hope this post was insightful. We shall be soon be adding more posts on mCommerce and the potential of eCommerce on Mobile in the coming few weeks.

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